∞ Principles of Rootism™ 

The Realm of Emotions

First Rootist™ Principle 
Associated with the Root Chakra

Release no-longer-serving beliefs and take time to simplify.

The beginning point toward a new vision into being begins when the basis of our belief systems speak to us through feeling toward a complete paradigm shift. The Earth seemingly quakes beneath us and we can become anxious. The shift is a screaming desire for change from deep within. Feelings of depression may arise. If inaction occurs, despair may continue. The universe often intervenes, especially when a Dharmic path is out of synch with current life status. Embrace that shift happens. Change and unforeseen circumstances may appear. Take a breath and gear up to ride this wave. Reduce energetic expenditures, simplify and reduce expenses, take more time for yourself and prepare for this very important first step into Rootism™. Renewal is a natural and ongoing process as is our ability to learn and grow. Stagnation may be the precursor to despair. Deprogramming Kundalini exercise.


Second Rootist™ Principle 

Associated with the Second Chakra -Creativity

Creativity entices open-mindedness through imagination.

Rather than judging the current status of being, perhaps consider that everything is changing. Change is the only real constant. Δ Creativity is the root action to building a fresh perspective. Imagination is everything. Innovation comes from creativity in imagination. The ability to accept multiple concepts is from the ability to be creative. Life happens because we embrace change. Life evolves, cells renew, and so should our beliefs and ideas. Stagnation and straight lines are not natural states of existence. Tantric Yoga Exercise.






Third Rootist™ Principle

Associated with the Solar Plexis Chakra

Move forward. Release fear. Take steps toward growth. Dobedobedo…

Have you ever noticed that when you make yourself do something, once you are into it, somehow it shifts into the creative process? Plain and simple. Get moving. Nothing happens by stagnation. Writers write. Activists activate change. Lovers love. People stuck in this area of life live as dreamers, not doers. Deprogramming Qi Gong Exercise.




How to Overcome Procrastination

The Realm of Feeling

Fourth Rootist™ Principle
Associated with the Fourth Chakra – Feelings

It’s not what you say. It’s what you feel that matters.

Real connection begins when your foundation – the core of your trunk and its roots begin to connect. They are solid. All connections filter through the energetic networks of your heart’s energy and produced by feelings. Grace comes from the heart and is a sensation of flow. Going with the flow, riding the waves (surfing) and staying connected to each other and the universe are innate to heart coherence. This is why we practice Rootist™ Yoga Flow. It teaches us grace. Vibrational patterns are created by certain feelings. Gratitude is the mother of all virtues and highest of all vibrations. From gratitude we can grow our branches. When the trunk is strong, the heart develops and the roots can feed into branches. Deprogramming – flow yoga, gentle meditation and soul gazing exercise.


Dr. Emoto – http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/emoto.html

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The Realm of Thoughts

Fifth Rootist™ Principle

Associated with the Fifth Chakra – Truth

It all began with connection.

As above so below. It is theorized that all life came from Singularity and expanded as a breath into The Big Bang. From the point of pinpricking light, Singularity, we were, are and will always be connected. Light cannot be separated as scientific studies conclude. The particles, even when separated, communicate simultaneously. Moving into universality is where the common threads and truth are found. Inquiring outside the Self and into universal principles is The Way of the Rootist. This ties back to the book of Genesis, and the Shiva Shakti love stories. Shakti, the feminine, is said to be the entire universe manifested – that expression from the Big Bang. Shiva, the masculine, is the holding or potentiality and source from which the entire manifested universe derived.  

Practice: Mantra and chanting exercise.

Sixth Rootist™ Principle

Associated with the Sixth Chakra – Thoughts and Intuition

We have three eyes. And you need all three.

What you perceive and how you filter information is what develops your thoughts. What you think you can become. Careful what you think! You may become those things you imagine. It’s important to check in and notice any thought patterns. The ego resides in the “third eye” & so often this becomes a place for seekers once on the path to become stuck. Arrogance can creep in. Warning: this can become a tripping point. Malcolm Gladwell would agree. Deprogramming

Use Guided Visualization exercise to connect mind with heart – HeartMath techniques and heart coherence.



Seventh Rootist™ Principle

Associated with the Crown Chakra

Asking for the Reconnection – The Create Your Reality Experiment

Ask and you shall receive. If you don’t ask, what do you expect? In the infinite opening of the present moment, Rootism™ is into action. Let reconnection prove it. Do the experiment. The 48-hour experiment to test your hypothesis. Ask and you shall receive.


Pam Grout – E2

Eighth Rootist™ Principle

Associated with Universal Truth

Inner Knowing is Outer Showing – Living a Rootist™ Life.

You have arrived. You acknowledge more than one system as possible and see the roots of truth and common threads weaving many spiritual and physical principles into the web of life. You see the circle of life, infinity, and the sacred geometry from where all life stems. You can feel awe, and know that all you need is inside you. Synchronicities happen very frequently. You feel rooted into your heart.

We celebrate Rootikah focusing on one color of vibrational theory each day – red, orange, yellow, green, baby blue, purple, indigo, white and black and includes daily chants.

Light a candle each day:

Tree candles of different colors of Rootikah