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Yoga is unity, oneness and includes everything. It is mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda’s healing of the mind is the basis for Yoga’s raising of the consciousness. In order to heal the body, we must work with its counterpart, the mind and see the correlation between these two entities. Both Yoga and Ayurveda share the same purpose of life: To realize the self. The eight-limbed system enumerated by Patanjali explains the methods of the system as a whole approach to life, preparation, internalization and liberation. The Postures and breathing exercises serve as components of the preparatory phase and are beneficial on both the physical-therapeutic level and the psycho-spiritual level of raising awareness. The highest intention of both sciences is self-realization and each tradition offers its unique scientific approach to reach its goal. Bringing attention to your breath to help you focus your mind, relax and de-stress in a holistic manner is the mission of our organization.

Jennyoga is a program of Breathe the Cure supporting health and wellness as a way of life, currently at Rice University,  weMED, and by private appointment.

Email or call 713-539-7418

Jennyoga supports the invaluable traits of the health and well-being of body, mind, and spirit. Our instructors are highly trained and love to work with first time students, advanced yogis and everyone in-between.

We encourage companies to bring Jennyoga Programs to their employees as an added health gift benefit that is also tax deductible. Our programs partners include WeMed and Houston Ayurveda Center with Sunita and serve as a very systemized collaboration to increase wellness in the workplace. We envision this to be a substantial contribution to our cause each month to keep the vision for community real and ongoing in a positive way.