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What We Do

Besides share secrets of wellness, we write. Help us continue our FUNdamentals series of books. The FUNdamentals of Breathing & Yoga activity book was the first of the series. It is a tool used to introduce health and wellness to schools, organizations, and businesses on a local and national level.

Our Jennyoga/Breathe the Cure Curators mentor children and adults who are dealing with illness to teach them how breathing is one of the most powerful and natural ways to cope with symptoms of a disease and everyday stress to help prevent illnesses and increase the quality of life. Our graduates mentor those who are new to Breathe the Cure Programs.

We promote education, outreach, and research involving neuroscience using yoga, breathing, and meditation.

We have increased the level of collaboration between the yoga and medical communities to make the treatment of illnesses a more comprehensive and whole mind-body experience.

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