What is Rootism?

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As we evolve, we peel away the layers of illusion stemmed by maturity and the teachings from life experiences. We may begin to see common threads from ancient groundwork linked to modern teachings through study and inquiry. We may even sense unity at some point. That is what is beautiful about life – there are multiple levels of exploration unique within each of us. Each layer can reveal a different angle or new areas of focus for growth or potential driven from the main spirit channel – the heart – the keeper of our spark.

The Path of Oneness has been forked by many roads and there are infinite possibilities from which we choose along the way. We most definitely learn from our experiences.

These learnings ground the ROOTS of our Being and Self Awareness. When we identify and tap into the roots of our beliefs, we become closer to the truth we seek.

Rootism is the belief that the truth is all around us, just hidden sometimes like a gem in the rough. It is our greatest task to polish and refine new meaning from what we have learned to create a greater vision for ourselves.

The first step toward awakening is to explore the roots of all things to find at the breakthrough the new beginnings where our highest Self applauds our discovery like a happily awaiting friend.

Ultimately there is only ONE truth. Unveiling it is the Soul’s journey.