Finding The Leader WITHIN

The Rootist Way

Finding The Leader WITHIN

By Contributing Writer – Edna “E” Balboa

How did this little girl from the projects come to be a thirty-one year old woman standing on a pole, thirty-five feet high with a surface the size of a paper plate? I’m not really sure, I just know that a couple of years ago if you asked anyone who knew me, they would have said, “No-way, not her.” When I was growing up my mother was always reminding me that I needed to be a lady. Also, that if I acted like a boy, no man would ever want me as a wife.

Once when I had been having a bad day my mother said, “Just find yourself a boyfriend and everything will be better.” After I had been married for several years, my grandmother confessed to me that she would pray that I would find a good…

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