The Chaser

Maki-e Neurons neuron art on gold leaf by Greg Dunn

If you have read my last post “swallowing the sun” and if you have digested it, then a few disconcerting facts should be apparent:

1. All that you have ever experienced about the world is nothing other than electro-chemical code transmitted to your brain and somehow “experienced”

2. You have no idea what “reality out there” really is.

3. What you experience of the unknown reality is in fact your imagination, the light of the sun, the scent of the rose, all of it is within you, and always was.

Now, hold on to your hats because here comes the chaser!

If it is true that the color of the rose, its perfume, the softness of its petals, the sharpness of its thorns, everything you can say about it, is a creation in your mind which results from the stimulation of your nervous system, then it is also true…

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