To My Best Friend – a poem

by Christine Pfeffer for Jennifer

I don’t know how it feels to be you
and when you come to me seeking comfort
I promise I won’t act like I do
or if you shout at me in anger
rooted from the pain of so much we do in vain
I will step into your worn shoes
and be there to hear your heart speak out
As it seeks to try and understand why
Why so much pain in the world…in our hearts?
How can you help? How can I help?
How can WE help ease the sorrows that flow so effortlessly through the currents of our minds?
Drowning out the pleasing, the happy & the positivity
that yearns to reach out into the world
and lift the spirits of all who suffer
of all who store this dismay deep inside the soul…
Our soul…the collective soul
contained…not contained
on this planet…in our hearts
that yearn to get along
that yearn to be one
to drown out the voice of difference with reason
to drown out the voice of judgement with acceptance
to drown out the voice of separation with unity
They can all unite
all the voices
when we realize we all walk separate paths
that lead us to ONE