Do You Hear What I Am Saying?


Bullied by an insatiably small-minded and insecure female in high school, she sat crying on the steps of the school wondering if she can possibly take one more day of the torture there. Newly arrived from India and wearing her sari, tears poured from Sam’s face as she contemplated her new existence in America.

Tossi, a gorgeous football player and a very popular guy, walks by. He looks over at her as he is passing. “Are you ok?”

The beautiful soul sat down beside her and listened to her tears fall from her broken heart.

“No,” She said, “I am not. I hate it here and I don’t think I can continue on. Everyone is mean to me and I am tired of being picked on by the other girls.”

He said, “Why do you let them bother you? They mean nothing in the greater scheme of things.”

“I don’t know,” she said.

“I expect to see you on Monday.” He said.

And he did.

Sadly, I was also bullied by this same person. I guess that is why Sam reached out. She heard the venom which the bully speaks to the public. I ignore bullies, and like Sam, I also understand the bully only projects his or her own pain and suffering.

One act of kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s life. This is a true story told to me by a woman who knew my husband and called me one night out of the blue to share how much he meant to her because of that day. I had never met her so it was a surprise. I was so touched that I had to share this story. Since she now lives up north and out of Texas, I never met Sam; however, her story vibrates true in every way in how I remember my husband and how his lovely soul was filled with kindness. Sam paid it forward that night by filling my heart with her phone call and story, and I am grateful. Thank you, Sam.