What the Bleep is Matrix Energetics?

by Jennifer Buergermeister

Scanning of a human brain by X-rays

Newtonian Physics, out…Quantum Physics, in! With mainstream movies like The Matrix, The Butterfly Effect and What the Bleep Do We Know popping up in theatres – no kidding! How can we escape the latest shift in thinking about discoveries in energy, reality, the body and our own existence? After traveling across the United States to meet Dr. Richard Bartlett and Dr. Mark Dunn, “two wild and crazy guys” (I mean that in the best sense), in Seattle, I have to ask myself what in the bleep is going with what they call “Matrix Energetics: A total system of transformation based in the laws of subtle energy physics, consciousness and focused intent”.

“…And everyone can do it.”

With the greatest compassion and love for their work, Dr. Bartlett and Dr.Dunn captivated the room with their insights on transformation through movement, light touch, intent and the power of the imagination. They aretwo truly loving spirits, destined to help others realize their own healing and transformational potential.

“Matrix Energetics is a previously undiscovered, intent driven, universal, expression of energy which is harmonious with the concepts and laws of quantum physics,” said Dr. Bartlett. “All physical structure has an energetic template upon which it is based and is an interface between physical reality and the quantum energetic hologram.”

The “matrix” of the body is comprised of endless pathways at the cellular level. Communication becomes interrupted and impaired when the body experiences trauma, disease, injury or disorder. Matrix Energetics reestablishes a balanced state in the body’s flow of communication.

But I tell you… after spending a weekend with these two spiritual doctors, scientists, and energy transformers, I soon began to also understand that laughter and play are two key elements in quantum healing, and in instant transformation of the body’s matrix. If everything is energy, and if our bodies contain and consist of energy frequencies, then why can’t we change our frequencies instantly into a healthy, balanced state and become illness-free simply through intent, playful imagination and “feeling, with focus”? Dr. Bartlett and Dr. Dunn have joined an ever growing league of doctors such as Deepak Chopra, Dr. Eric Pearl and Dr. Bernie Siegel, who agree that both energy and emotions play a fundamental role in miraculous healings. If I had any ailments before this seminar, they’ve surely been laughed right out of my system! I guess sometimes we just need a good “laughsitive” for “jestive relief.” It’s “FUNdamental” in our “dysFUNsional” society.” (Swami Beyondananda, in “Duck Soup for the Soul”)

Get out of the way and allow yourself to play ~ Dr. Bartlett.

In Seattle, people were transforming physically in front of my eyes! Drs. Bartlett and Dunn say it’s simply playing a game with the universe, using light touch and the power of intent as starting points in getting the body to shift. As a “facilitator of change”, you are free to make up the rules as you go along. They showed it’s sometimes as simple as locating hard spots in the body and then imagining them linked, and balanced. For instance, one “game” for the spine involves imagining railroad workers putting in a new backbone “railway.”

“Imagination is more important than Knowledge.” ~ Albert Einstein

And anyone can do it? Is your head spinning yet? Here’s my first experience with Matrix Energetics:

When I returned from Seattle, I visited a Starbucks next to The Good Space Pilates and Yoga Studio, off Woodway. A “baristas” who took my order was complaining of an old back injury from two years ago. She was in pain, so I asked her to try and remember three years ago when her back felt normal. She laughed at the possibility but, with seriousness, I asked her again to access the memory how her back felt before the accident. By her eye patterns I could tell she was experiencing kinesthetics (an NLP term used to identify and access mental states and feelings), and that cued me to anchor or tap her head to awaken the neurological system of that memory. I then tapped her chest so she’d neurologically store the feeling, while remembering her back’s healthy state. She was very receptive to the “facilitation.”

Moments later, the woman stated that her arm was tingling, and within two minutes her back pain was gone! She began swaying her hips back and forth in a dance, screaming out joyously to the patrons and the universe that her pain had disappeared. I was just as surprised. As she was accessing her memory of a healthy back, I was imagining her body expanding out like a hologram, simultaneously holding the intent that it would reorganize itself into its previous healthy state. We played a game with the holographic universe and it worked! I saw her again several weeks later and there was still no trace of the pain.

At a subatomic level, we’re no different than a mountain, a chair or a river. We are a system of dancing particles, each with our own “matter casserole” recipe. There are group similarities, but no two the exactly same. Every life form has a genetically coded map that it follows, and in it is the blueprint for balance and harmony in the organism’s frequencies. Einstein said, “Everything is emptiness and form is condensed emptiness.” If you were to look through a subatomic lens, the world would look like particles floating in empty space – a timeless reality.

To change our emotions and unhealthy physical states we need to alter our perceptions. For change and transformation to occur we have to blow-out the boundaries of anything negatively stored in the body. Be in the NOW! There’s no place like the present moment. We have to think BIG and understand that there’s so much more going on in the universe than meets the eye; that reality isn’t 2- or even 3-dimensional. And according to quantum physics, time itself is an illusion.

Time is illusory because past and future are connected to the present as possibilities. Our reality (i.e. the universe) is a hologram; and at any instant, consciousness is the totality of the coherent signaling within the living matrix – including wave fronts reflected from specific information-containing structures maintained by our choices on a moment-to-moment basis – shaping our experiences of the world. We each have valuable roles in the big picture…the matrix. Everything is connected to everything else holographically somehow.

Consider that in the making of a holographic image – say, of an apple – no matter how many times we cut out pieces, it always projects the entire apple. The entire tree is in the seed. So… does that mean our bodies are a part of something else “out there” that’s “the whole”? How in the bleep does that happen? And who, or what, is the “projector” of this reality?

Neurophysiologist Karl Pribram said, “The human nervous system is a hologram of the universe. At any moment when you think about it, no matter what you think you are, you are always more than that.”

All this information about quantum physics and The Matrix left me with one question: If the universe and our bodies are holographic, then what, exactly, are we a hologram of? Is this where science and religion finally meet? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Jennifer Buergermeister is a public speaker and author on various esoteric subjects. She can be reached at jennyoga.com