Blog Stalking // Yoga Girl.

I concur that yoga girl is definitely a blog to share. After coming from a similar series of losses in my life, I know how powerful writing and sharing can be during the growth process of finding yourself again in the midst of heartbreak. Thanks Brey!

Ordinary Adventures

Hey there, readers –

This is less of a blog stalking and more of a life inspiration. Every blog that has been reviewed in this series has been encouragement for change of either my own site, my own health and goals, or my own life. Each has pushed and motivated me to get better in some way. And this segment is no different.

Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl is one of the most amazing, truly beautiful people inside and out, that I have ever come across.

I first found her last spring on Instagram. I was intrigued by her photos, talent, and athleticism. Not long after I first started stalking her, tragedy struck her life. Her best friend died in a horrible accident, she had major emergency surgery, her grandmother died, and then her dog passed. Mixed in those tragic few months, she also got married, and grew her business, finished the…

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