Why being an opportunist is a good thing

Description of an opportunistAn opportunist:– Sees all current opportunities as an opportunity of a lifetime – and is tempted to take them all – they seize the moment– Is open to everything – there’s no room for stubborn thinking or narrow minds– Is optimistic with built-in affirmations: “good things will happen to me”, “I can overcome obstacles”, “life and people are generally good”, “I am capable of achieving my values and goals”– Is decisive and proactive– Is motivated by new opportunities and are often lost when an opportunity is fulfilled– Sets goals, knows what they want, is visionary, informed and positive– Acknowledges that outcomes may not be the result of hard work and is humble enough to know external factors may influence their outcomes– Is flexible and adaptable to change, they view the world differently to others– Takes action and solves problems quickly– Has a heightened sense of awareness for themselves and the environment around them.

Source: Why being an opportunist is a good thing