Healthy and Positive in the Workplace

Positive emotions help us become better versions of ourselves. Positive emotions at the moment that we experience them broaden our mindsets. A growth mindset is a healthy mindset. So why are many organizations not doing it?

Leadership. The more we build our resources and change who we are, fundamentally, and become a more resilient, resourceful, and connected version of ourselves, the more likely we will lead from a place of integrity.

To be a premier mental health system, the system as a whole should be evaluated to ensure it is healthy from the foundation.  To be a “healthy world,” integrity is the central element to building the consciousness that carries forth health into a global community. The antithesis to health and wholeness includes greed, ignorance, fear (it is all fear, really), and denial/supporting untruths.

If an organization wants to be the leader or best in its offerings, it has to have happy and healthy employees who support its mission, authentically, and not because they are afraid of losing their jobs.  A solid support system for the mission and vision of any organization depends on the well-being of the supporting team who helps to build the future of the organization. It always begins with the executive team and what happens to the organization is a reflection of the strength of the leaders.

Research shows that healthy executive teams build a healthy environment. Wholistic thinking, or innovative and progressive integration of wellness as a whole into the system, can bring an organization to success. It is always a good idea to check the ecology of any system as a whole. Being great is not just an idea, it’s about leadership – the people who know how to lead effectively and do their jobs well, and by building upon their strengths, can and will make a difference. Keeping people in roles where they are weak, allowing unfounded negativity, or limiting them to shine with their potential can only harm the organization. Allowing seeds to blossom within the employee by nurturing their strengths and encouraging their growth is a great way to foster an organization’s healthy ecology with strong roots to grow.

Great leaders create leaders, not followers.

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