The Circle of Peace – The Tipping Point Has Arrived

July 9, 2015 – Rice University.  The stereo played a beautiful playlist that I made in June for my flow yoga class. The violins always open my heart. I stood facing the window while my students held downward dog pose. I had a vision in my mind that sent chills down my arms. It was so vivid that a tear filled my eye.

I imagined a woman to my left reaching out her hand. We looked at each other and met eyes. We nodded acknowledging our devotion and contribution to a larger picture, a vision for humanity. So many of us stood hand in hand, holding the light in the middle of us as the vibrations of this planet lifted. Though each of us too have had our own sorrows and pain, trials and tribulations, we stood there in that moment in pure love.

We sensed together every heart and soul that we have collectively touched over the years in our communities. We saw how we spread our love and light to others creating a domino effect of change all over the world.

I realized we have reached a tipping point toward peace. The vision and the feeling came out of nowhere and I suddenly saw a flash of world events and our collaborated contribution to the wave of change.

Every time we share breathing, yoga, mindfulness, and acceptance, we plant a seed in someone’s heart. Eventually those seeds sprout and grow. When the right people move into the right positions, big change happens quickly. It can be a doctor, the pope, a superintendent, president or first lady, congressman or anyone in a position of leadership. Our numbers in peaceful pursuits begin to exponentially grow.

Millions of people all over the world came together recently to practice yoga on International Day of Yoga. The school systems are bringing mindfulness and yoga into their programs. Psychiatry is integrating yoga practices into their medical communities and centers. Governments are embracing yoga too.

It was so clear.  Being the change will continue spreading the seeds of peace, harmony and acceptance. Namaste’